Steve Coerper (29 July 2011)
"Re: The Two Feet of the Body of Christ/Two Rapture events"
Dear Bruce -
Love your stuff and your conclusions, but Joseph was married before the seven years of plenty, NOT just before the seven years of famine.
Also, "Jesus taught a parable which is a warning about being caught without enough of the Holy Spirit at His coming to take the church into Heaven. It is known as the parable of the foolish virgins. "
You might want to re-visit that.  Jesus is not coming to marry the "ten virgins", nor does he, at the end of the day, wind up with just five.  Nor will He ever say to anyone within the Bride, "Assuredly, I say to you, I do not know you."
Jesus gathers his WHOLE bride, takes her to the huppah for joy and consummation, and then returns.  The bridesmaids are not the bride.
I don't believe the Holy Spirit is given by measure.  One either has received the Holy Spirit, or one has not.
Bridesmaids are friends of the bride, and it is their function to prepare the bride for her wedding.  I believe it will be revealed that many of those people who we thought were friends of the bride were not, and that their efforts did NOT prepare the bride, and may have been counter-productive.  Would it surprise you to find out that many "church leaders" who are presumably preparing the church for the return of Christ are NOT saved?  Are NOT friends of Christ or even acquainted with Him?  Are NOT Spirit-filled?
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