Steve Coerper (25 July 2011)
"A possible hint of two raptures in the very near future"

Dear John and Doves -
I have received this youtube link several times this week; no doubt many of you have seen it:  Sackcloth&Ashes ELENIN - The HAMMER of YAH!
The thesis is that "El enin" is translated as "Yah's hammer."
I have been unable to find out what language renders "hammer" as "enin".  Sure isn't Hebrew or Greek.
Greek μύλος (mylos—"mill")
"Hammer" appears six times in the Bible, all in the Old Testament (search results the same for KJV and NKJV):
Judges 4:21        maqqebeth
Judges 5:26        halmuwth
1 Kings 6:7         maqqabah
Isaiah 41:7          pattiysh
Jeremiah 23:29    pattiysh
Jeremiah 50:23    pattiysh
On another note, there may be support for the idea of two raptures in the book of Esther.  Granted, the connection is tenuous, and I'll appreciate any insights.
In Genesis, we see that the bride of Adam is taken from the body of Adam.  Adam is masculine and Eve is feminine.  In the video linked above, the reference to Revelation 12 is to a man-child that is caught up to heaven.  This cannot be a picture of the rapture of the Bride of Christ, because the Bride must be feminine.  And yet it's a man-child.  Further, this man-child will rule the nations with a rod of iron.
I believe the illustration in Revelation 12 is the rapture of the Church, which is the body of Christ.  The Bride is a sub-set of the church; the Bride of Christ (feminine) is taken from the Body of Christ (masculine).  It is also pointed out in Genesis that Adam is asleep when Eve is take out of his body.
If we lay these pictures over the events we anticipate in the near future, we see the Bride taken from the Body, and then the Body taken to heaven, and then the dragon pursuing the woman.  If the Body is going to be taken to heaven in late September, the Bride must be taken first.
I suggest a Bridal rapture event as anticipated by many on July 30th.  I guarantee you this will awaken the Church!
They will then pray earnestly that they might be found worthy to escape all these things that will obviously be coming on the world.  At the time of Rosh Hashannah, during the three days of darkness, the great earthquake of the 6th seal shakes the earth.  The Church would be taken and the wrath of God would be poured out in earnest.
I believe the first four seals have already been opened.  The fifth seal would be opened between the two rapture events.  It's later than we think.
The pattern emerges in the book of Esther, where Esther is the Queen, but Mordecai wears the King's signet and rules the nation.  Many think Mordecai is a type of Christ, but I submit that he could just as easily be a type of the ruling Church.  The picture struggles because Esther is married to Ahasuerus (presumably a type of the Father) but we may get some additional wisdom on this.  Ray Stedman saw Esther as a type of the Church in his book, The Queen and I.  Esther is married and is enjoying royal prerogatives while Mordecai is still enduring some hardship.  The "rapture" for Esther is not at the time she marries Ahasuerus, but at the time she discloses her Jewishness at the banquet.  When the Bride of Christ is raptured, her true identity will be revealed.
"Rod of iron" appears four times in the Bible:  three in the book of Revelation and once in Psalm 2.  In the Psalm, it's shebet barzel and I see no links to Mordecai or the book of Esther.  I told you it was tenuous, but maybe someone here can see something I'm overlooking.
But all things considered, a Bridal rapture this month followed by a Church rapture in September seems reasonable.
I may not be the only one to see the suggestion of a "hammer" and the book of Esther:
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