Steve Coerper (25 July 2011)
"Anders Breivik and the Fifth Seal"

I think we generally agree that the opening of the fifth seal in Revelation 6:9-11 has to do with persecution and martyrdom.  We may have wondered how a pluralistic and religiously indifferent world could suddenly turn against Christians.
Here's one possibility.  Do this sort of thing a few more times and we could see some awful stuff in the VERY near future.  Note that the Facebook page is "attributed to him" which means someone else could have set it up without his knowledge.  They are unable to assert that it was HIS Facebook page.  And yet, they say "Describes himself ..."  I wonder how he could describe himself on a page he might not have authored.
I did a Google search on Jared Lee Loughner to see if he was also linked with conservatism or Christianity - nope.  At least not yet.
I don't expect the world will turn against Muslims, but for those of us who are Followers of the Way ...
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