Steve Coerper (19 July 2011)
"A message in a dead fly"

Today I had a cool experience with the Lord. I was up high on a trail and noticed a place to sit down. I was deeply engaged in a conversation with the Lord as I approached the seating place, and as I arrived, I noticed that there were a number of flies, jumping critters, hovering critters, and whatever else in that spot. So as I took a seat, I asked the Lord saying, “God, will you remove the flies and bugs?”

He said, “Yeah” and I continued my dialogue with Him as though nothing changed. Then, about ten minutes later I was hit in the face with a fly. It was not a hard hit, but startled me because at that moment, I realized that the bugs had not bothered me at all since I had sat down. The fly brushed up on my cheek and swooped down and landed on the ground by my foot.

At that moment, I asked the God about the fly and said, “Lord, thank you for not letting the flies bug me too much during this time, there appears to be a lot of them.”

“Well, they were told not to bother you because you asked. If you had asked a friend for bug spray, would your friend not have given you some? How much more would I give you, and give in abundance?”

Sort of as a joke, I then said, “Well, all but one seemed to obey you.”

Without hesitation, he said, “Yes, and look what happened to that one.”

I looked down at my feet, and there the fly lay, dead as the ground he was on.

I smiled, knowing my Friend and my King had my back…