Stacy Raborn (23 July 2011)

For those of you who have been hearing from the Lord that it is now the time for true worship, I would like to bless you with something I was recently blessed with. 

As I searched my house recently for the perfect CD to play so I could worship my Lord, I just couldn't seem to find it, and I have plenty to choose from!  The Lord had been speaking to me about taking my mind off everything that was troubling me -- just completely ignoring it as if it didn't exist -- and placing my eyes, my mind, my emotions, and my heart on Him, to worship Him; not to pray or anything else, but to worship Him.

A few weeks later at a wonderful gathering of watching Christians, it was shared with the group the music of Jacob Toback.  Apparently the Lord has really spoke to him about what He truly desires within our worship of Him.  When you access the music link, you can download one of the CD's for free onto your computer.  It is beautiful, wonderful, gentle worshiping music.

The link to access the free music is as follows:

If you want to know more about his ministry, "Worshipers of the Living God", you can go to his ministry website at

Enjoy the presence of Jesus as you worship!!

Much love to all my brothers and sisters!