Sonja Steyn (9 July 2011)


hallowed be your name.
Your Kingdom come,
your will be done,
on earth as in heaven.....Let it be on earth as is in heaven, let thruth overcome falseness, let righteousness stand up and overcome corruption, let the goats be separated from the sheep, you are the one who will test our hearts and our minds, let everything  hidden or secret will be brought to light....amen.

1 John 3:19 "Our actions will show that we belong to the truth, so we will be confident when we stand before God.".............

Revelation 2:23 "I am the one who searches mind and hearts and repay each of you according to your deeds.".........................

James 27 "Pure and lasting religion in God's sight is caring for the orphans and widows in their troubles, and refuse to let the world corrupt us."(Live a life of love.!!)

B.D. 6313


Cosmic phenomena....

Very soon you will know for certain that something is taking shape in the cosmos, for unusual events will worry you humans because you will be unable to find an explanation for them. Many speculations will surface, many opinions will meet with conflicting notions, yet only those people’s points of view come close to the truth who suspect a connection between that which was proclaimed in Word and Scripture, which people were told by seers and prophets at all time.…

Anyone with spiritual vision can find an explanation for all events, for everything has a spiritual meaning and is intended to fulfil a spiritual purpose: to draw people’s attention to their actual purpose of life so that they prepare themselves for the imminent Judgment…. And science, too, will support this, for it will discover the unusual changes in nature first, the cosmic happenings, which will confound them, and the significant appearances which they will not be able to explain due to lack of knowledge. They will observe and marvel but they will not accept the only true answer that the earth will be shaken to its foundations, which could indeed be caused by these phenomena.

They won’t want to believe it and will therefore always argue against it if the Scriptures, the ancient prophecies, are pointed out to them, if they hear the opinion of the believers or if the messengers of My Word proclaim to them the approaching end…. And therefore it will be difficult to make the intervention on My part plausible to worldly people, because an attempt will be made to explain everything in a purely scientific way. And only a few will become aware of these unusual phenomena and therefore ever more assuredly draw people’s attention to the end.

And I will so evidently support their words of admonition and warning that even the scientists will apprehensively admit their lack of knowledge…. And they will discover a star which will come constantly closer to the vicinity of earth and which will apparently take an irregular course…. By observing its path their attention is drawn to ever new peculiarities…. And they will recognise it as a danger to earth…. and at the same time they won’t want to believe in its destruction because it will never before have been experienced…. But I will allow it to happen, because My eternal plan of Salvation necessitates something extraordinary which still intends to benefit humanity…. and because it shall be an warning sign of the work of destruction which will follow soon afterwards and which will bring this period of Salvation to conclusion….

The more the end approaches, the greater will be the irregularities which people will experience, because they are meant to take notice and begin to wonder about the correspondence with that which is quoted by the believers as the Word of God, as predictions by seers and prophets, and endorsed as truth…. And now My spirit also proclaims through My servants on earth the near end again and My loudly resounding voice of thunder before this event…. and these very phenomena will bear witness of the truth of My Word…. Pay attention you humans, and just look at everything as indications of the end, which I give to all of you so that you do not fall prey to ruin, for everything that happens is so important that it would be able to convince you if you were of good will.... The time is fulfilled and the end is near…. Amen

(Isaiah 24:20) Destruction falls on you from the heavens. The world is shaken beneath you. The earth staggers like a drunkard. It trembles like a tent in a storm)

B.D. 7421


Revelation 16, 18…. Star….

A violent quake will shake the earth…. spiritually as well as physically the earth will be faced by a tremor the likes of which will never before have been experienced by people since the start of this epoch…. But this is predicted because it is the beginning of the end that will follow not long afterwards. There is not much time left and your attention will ever more urgently be drawn to it, because you should still make use of every day by helping your soul to mature, for time flies and you are approaching the very end with giant strides. And then a long night for all those who did not take advantage of the day in order to work for the salvation of the soul will follow.

For only a few will survive this last end and be allowed to occupy the new earth, only a few will stand firm in the last battle on this earth. The signs of the end will be presented to you humans time and again, and the last powerful sign will be the great quake. … You have already been told how it will come about: a star will leave its orbit and with gigantic speed head for the earth…. And the fact that you are still uninformed of it is due to the great distance this star will still have to cover before it comes into the field of view of those who will detect it. But then the anxiety will be great, for everyone will realise the danger in which the planet ‘earth’ is in but no-one will be able to do anything in order to ward off the danger…. And now that you know of it you should make especially good use of this last brief period of time, for none of you know whether you will survive the event, none of you know which part of the earth will be particularly affected and no-one should count on being spared, for it is God’s last great wake-up call before the end which He will resound in order to find belief in this very end and still convert a few who are not yet entirely enslaved by the adversary.

Do not consider these predictions lightly, do not let yourselves be misled by the apparent work of progress which you can observe in the world, but understand that the shadows of destruction are already emerging, that not much time will elapse until you receive knowledge of the approaching disaster in the form of a star which will be hurled from its orbit, because it is God’s will that the earth shall be stricken by a tremor which shall and will be able to save people who are of good will.

 There will really not be a lack of signs of the near end, but this last sign will have enormous consequences and many people will lose their lives in the process…. And no-one will be able to turn a deaf ear, for it will be too powerful as not to affect all people. Only the results will differ, for people will either partly revive their weak faith and hand themselves over to God again, but partly even lose their weak faith as well and completely turn to the adversary, which will be expressed by an increased pursuit of material possessions, mostly by dishonest means. And there will be great hardship amongst people.... And that is when the right strength of faith will prove itself, which will signify help for every person who faithfully entrusts himself to God.

For He will help all those who want to be His Own, who even in their greatest affliction remember the One Who alone will be able to help them. And this will be the start of the time when real vineyard work must still be carried out in order to help all those who are still weak in spirit and who shall experience a strengthening of their faith. For it will be followed by the time of the last battle of faith which will still require a final decision by the believers, yet anyone who perseveres until the end will become blessed…. Amen


1 Peter 7

Faith will be tested by trails." "Faith will be tested by fire and purified as gold." "If your faith remains strong after fiery trails, it will bring you much praise glory and honor on the day Jesus Christ is revealed to the world."
May we all stand stong and trust in only God, may we stay calm and let the Holy Spirit lead us in our diffirent roles in this last battle, may your faith and feet  be planted on the only true rock the Lord Jesus Christ.
Sonja Steyn