Sonja Steyn (28 July 2011)
"To Barry:"


Dear Barry,


It is always the love and kindness in our hearts that enables us to see the truth, just as it was only the kind good hearted person who produced a huge havest while others fell away from believing in the truth, as told by Jesus, the story of the Farmer and scattering of the seeds. (Luke 8)


We can never truly understand the word of God through our human intellect, and the Holy spirit as our teacher (John 14:26) can never work through a haughty proud or a bitter unforgiving heart.


It is the proud who will be humbled and the humble who will inherit the earth (Luke 14:11).

The least will be the most and the most will be the least.


We are defiled by what we say and do (Mark 7:15) Whatever is in our hearts determine what we say and do, only a good tree can produce good fruit and only a good person can produce good deeds from a good heart. (Luke 6)


As we are living in the last of the "last days" the truth the true and only Gospel of Jesus Chris, the Gospel about love and forgiveness, the Gospel about helping and giving, the gospel about honesty, goodness, righteousness and meekness will be brought to light again, this is the truth , the "new Jerusalem" for it was trampled long enough  by the false teachers and preachers who had only one goal in mind: to fill their churches and coffers.Their days are numberd their time is up!!! I came to bring truth again to this world as Jesus did and all who love the truth will recognize what I say is true (John 18:37)

The truth is hidden to the proud and always revealed to the humble, the childlike (Luke 10:21)


Jesus is coming.


His bride is ready without spot or blemish, his guests will be made ready, their faith will be tested by trails." "their faith will be tested by fire and purified as gold." "If their faith remains strong after fiery trails, it will bring them much praise glory and honor on the day Jesus Christ is revealed to the world." (1 peter 7)


Blessed are you who understand and take to heart these words.


Sonja Steyn.