Sherry B (18 July 2011)
"prayer needed for my daughter"

Hi everyone......Please pray for my daughter (27 yrs old).   I have been praying for salvation for years.  Growing up she was very
rebellious.  I have 4 other daughters who are serving the Lord and they have been praying for her as well.  She is in the partying lifestyle.
At this point she is a functioning alcoholic.  She has been able to keep a job but her personal life is a mess.  She has a 5 yr old son whom
I babysit while she works because she cant afford daycare (father doesnt pay child support).  She is no longer with her son's father but he has him one nite on the weekend.  He too is an alcoholic.  The boyfriend she is with now is an alcoholic too.  Their relationship is very
dysfunctional...verbal and physical....They have been together on and off for 3 years.   His employer is sending him to another state for
one year and he wants her to go with him.   I'm very concerned for my grandson.  When we have my grandson we as a family pour into
him....praying over him ...telling him about Jesus.   At times my daughter seems miserable but other times she says she loves her
lifestyle.   I am feeling very discouraged right now.  Over the years there has been times that I thought she was close to giving her life
to God but then she will turn away and continue on her path of destruction.  Yesterday as I was praying the Lord revealed to me that
those times that I thought she was close was really her wanting God to fix the mess she had gotten herself into.  It wasnt about
repenting.  So please pray for her.  I believe time is short.  I wake up every day thinking today may be the day of our redemption.

Also I just want to say how much I enjoy this  forum.   And I appreciate John and all that he does.  And to all the others that post articles.
 Thanks again.   Sherry B