Shelva Sirry (25 July 2011)
"Doves, I Am So Sorry"

Dearest Doves,
I am so sorry to take this long in getting back to you about my hearing and thanking all who prayed for me. The cold medication I was taking kept me asleep too late to post each morning after God opened my ears and I started to recover from other complications.
To say that your prayers carried me through is an understatement. Just knowing I was not alone made the difference to me. It was one of those times that I was too sick to pray for myself. Thank you, each one, for praying for the obstructions to my hearing to be corrected. It was! I will send a seperate post to those who responded to me personally on Doves. However, let me say I KNOW many prayed without posting--as I often do myself. Thank all of you who prayed for me without telling me. I felt your prayers.  
Some of you probably already know this has been a learning experience for me. Like most of you I too try to pray for each request. God has used this to make me more sensitive to the needs of others. I am grateful for that. I will be praying for each one prayer request even if you don't hear from me.  
One of my SIC suggested my hearing loss and healing was showing me God was going to open my spiritual ears to hear more from Him. How true that has become!! He was also showing me I must pray just as hard to have my spiritual ears opened as I did for the physical. Just before this post this morning God gave me something about the timing of the Rapture that has never entered my thoughts. Will share that with you later...
Again, thank you and God bless you, my true brothers and sisters in Christ. Your caring is life changing and encouraging. I love you.