Scott Finley (12 July 2011)
"Thief In The Night, New Revelation."

Hey, guys.
I firmly believe the LORD revealed something to me a few months ago that i want to share with you.

With our redemption drawing as near as we all feel and know it is, i feel this is the perfect time to post this.

What does it mean? A thief in the night. to many who take it to their own understanding would probably conclude that it means HE comes as a surprise to EVERYONE. Well im sure we all will agree that this isnt the truth. There are those like you and I who do not take refuge in the things of this world, but in HIM who controls and created them. Surely HE said to watch OR ELSE that day will come as a thief. And you will NOT KNOW what hour HE comes to you.

Consider this; you do not know when a thief is planning to break in and SNATCH whatever he takes. But if you listen, you will hear when he breaks in and is about to TAKE IT.

Guys, i think i just heard a window break.