Scott Finley (12 July 2011)
"HE HAS ARISEN Confirmations"

This is from a few months back and was my first ever post on a rapture watch forum. I feel that GOD was the one who allowed me to experience all of this. Just a repost.

"hi guys, new here. i have been a lurker here for about a month but just had to share this revelation that I believe our AWESOME LORD has confirmed with me.

ive been emailing a prophet of the LORD recently and she led me to a few youtube videos that prophecied some different things that were going to happen around 20th-24th of april. well, one of the most popular was a man that had three dreams back to back and in his dreams the LORD told him "I ARISE IN 1360 DAYS." the count ended on april 23rd, and i assumed it was just another failed rapture date. but GOD has confirmed it with me at least 5 times that it wasnt referring to the rapture, but an awesome event that happens right before it! after that date passed i checked fivedoves and found where the LORD spoke to a woman on the morning of the 23rd and said "the day has come for me to draw closer to my bride." i thought it might just mean spiritually but HE means physically too! i emailed the prophet and she told me that the LORD has shown her as well that HE HAS ARISEN. found 2 more posts on fivedoves one in which a woman was being rebuked by christians for watching for the rapture (i was going through the same thing when i found it) when she had a vision of the lion of the tribe of judah running towards the earth from HIS throne. and the other was a woman who dreamed that she was seeing through the eyes of JESUS and HE was approaching the earth!
And if that werent enough, my uncle David was told something by the LORD last week. he has been following GOD for 20+ years, and about a year ago GOD ENTERED him and spoke to him and even controlled some of his movements for about 10 hours. the LORD has also let me know that David would know when the rapture is about to happen. So last week he had a dream in which the LORD told him 'its BIG, keep your faith.' he woke up and a song came to his mind that he hadnt heard since he was a kid, and that he didnt even remember. lyrics went like this 'keep on walkin, you dont know how far youve come. keep on walkin, for all you know, it may be done. AND THE FATHER MIGHT BE STANDING UP RIGHT NOW TO GIVE THE CALL TO END IT ALL.' my grandmother is super excited too and shes always been the 'lets wait and see before we get excited' type. shes been following GOD for 50+ years!
be encouraged, i feel that our waiting is drawing to an end and HE is definitely pleased with these rapture watching forums."