Scott Finley (11 July 2011)
"God's Argument"

I wrote all of this right after i got saved and was on "yahoo answers." and for those that havent been on the religion section, i tell you that almost all of them are atheists. I firmly believe the Holy Spirit was giving me this to write just like the Bible was written.
"Woe to you humanity, your destruction has already begun. As you have increased in knowledge, you have left your wisdom behind. As your numbers have grown that do not believe in the sovereign Lord's power, your race has increased in evil and contempt. How can you be so ignorant of what's coming and what has already come? Your understanding will not save you from His judgement. Just stop and think for a moment, is it all worth it? Is it all worth the possibility of what could be true? What if this is real, and whoever does not believe will die forever? What if it's not? Do Christians suffer anything for not believing the atheists if they're right? Do atheists receive any glory or reward for being right if we're all dead? Also ask yourself if it's really worth being 'clever' or 'funny' for a few moments if the Gospel is true. As surely as there is a good and an evil, a justice and an injustice, there are sources for both. And they don't just happen. We don't preach to you for the sake of control or being right! What kind of people would we be then? We preach because we know there is a life of peace and happiness and also a life of true regret and remorse forever. We don't want you or anyone to experience the latter.
The Bible doesn't have to be proven. The fact that it has so much wisdom about the correct way to live life is more than enough evidence that it should not be overlooked. Guess what, God is done. He's ****** and justified in His anger. Israel turned against God too, look what happened to them. they became the most hated race of people and were driven out of their own land. They have endured hundreds and hundreds of years of ridicule and slavery. Even though God allowed all this, there was a worse alternative (which is about to happen) At least Israel believed in God! And although they endured all they have, He let them live. Sodom and Gomorrah, another example. But at least they believed! How much worse will your punishment be! You think that we own the earth. But guess what, we don't. The one who does is already back. And He will fight against you in a battle you can't win.
I want to bring one thing to mind out of all of this. The bible hasn't been dis proven by anything. And for SOME, it hasn't been proven either. Needless to say, this subject is much too important to simply leave without extensive study. You need to hear both sides of the story in order to make an accurate judgment.
It all makes too much sense when you learn about God's plan and how you are a major part of it. The problem is that people won't take the time to look or misunderstand and jump to conclusions. I see why Christians want to convince other people, because we fear for those that could end up in eternal ****ation. But why oh why do atheists try to convince Christians of their beliefs? No justice there.
I thought we (humans) were past the point of persecuting Christians and ridiculing us for our beliefs. I thought that Revelations was never gonna happen literally. I was so certain that we were all gonna continue to live as we do now. Where nobody is discriminated against for skin color, beliefs, wealth, etc. But just being on yahoo answers for 2 hours has completely changed my perspective. Truth is, we aren't past that. All that we've learned in the recent years will come to nothing due to excessive greed and a need for acceptance by the majority. I never believed that Christians would ever be put to death again for their beliefs, (globally). Now I believe that's not far away. I know there has never been this much disbelief in God and ridicule and persecution for belief in Him in all of existence. This is truly the most wicked generation this world has ever seen. And don't think that this generation will pass before the end comes. You will all see very soon. Keep your eyes in the sky. Maybe you will wake up after this event happens. Or will you be allowed to?"