Sally Glenn (19 July 2011)
"Prophetic Dream"

Dear John and Doves,
This is our first submission to your website.  I have attached a dream that I had with the interpretation the Lord gave me.  We find your website absolutely fascinating.
Many blessings to you and your fine ministry,
Sally and Bob Glenn
Welcome to the Doves, Sally & Bob!


In a dream, I saw an extremely elaborate multi-level building like hotels newly built in Dubai.  I used an elevator to go between floors.   The first scene I witnessed took place on an upper level and revealed actors dressed in costumes in a murder mystery.  The play was meant for entertainment, but an actual murder took place.  This was typical and was continually practiced for entertainment with no regard or respect for life.  Multiple murders were being committed and were then casually dismissed.
    At this point in the dream, I discerned spirits of jealousy, anger, and strife; murder, hatred, and rage operating together.  Spirits of perversion, lust, and adultery were operating on another level.  I got back on the elevator which took me to a lower level.  As the doors opened, I knew without seeing anything, that this was where the spirits of lying, deception, and falsehood; selfishness, cheating, and greed were operating.  I then discerned that the entire structure was built upon these strongholds.  I also knew that the other floors would reveal false systems of finance, education, and politics; legalism, religion, and the occult.  At this point I awoke from the dream and asked Jesus, “Lord, what does this mean?”
    He said, “It is a tower, like Babel.  It is an image, like Nebuchadnezzar’s.  It is a picture of the new world order.  It depicts idolatrous world systems designed to replace dependence upon God.  It is coming and will endure for a season, but it will fall for it has within it the seeds of its own destruction.  It will be replaced by my righteous rulership that all may know that I am God.”

                                   Sally Glenn