Rowina (22 July 2011)
"To Robert Belanger on great book "The Spiritual Warfare""

The Spiritual Warfare is a great enlightener, Robert.  It made me
think of things I had not before considered, one of them being the
formation of man as a future ruler.  I have in the past not thought
a lot about becoming a "ruler", but now I understand why God
created man as a future "ruler".  And I understand also how the
rulership of Satan continues now until he is dispossessed of his
throne by Christ.  And I was particularly surprised and amazed
by the concept that the "Twentyfour elders" are angels who are
presently loyal to God but will be supplanted by ruling humans.
Apparently these loyal angels will not at all mind being supplanted,
because they want only the will of God, and will still be doing His
will after they "cast their crowns".  

And the differing nature of life in the Millennium and life after that was
explained, even though there are many specifics of life after the
Millennium which cannot yet be known.

One thing missing--who is the author of the book?  I could find no
author, just a reference to Lamp ministries.

This book also makes clearer the current teachings of the Misslers
about rulership in the Millennium, a concept which I had up until
now found irrelevant.  Now I understand what the Misslers mean.

So all in all, a great book to read in a time of strife, as you indicated.
A great book to give strength for these last days when we await
transition.  And strength we need, for challenges are increasing