Rowina (16 July 2011)
"I am back in Los Alamos after evacuation for fire"

I am having trouble accessing mail, thought I'd try you first, John, as you have such a great
efficient website.

I have huge bills, of course, for motel, etc.--went to California where my favorite
church is, Northcoast Calvary Chapel of Carlsbad.  Felt so depressed there due
to many problems, including being thrown out of her house by a non-Christian friend
of long standing, that I went twice for counseling there, which was VERY good, best
I've had.  It's still very hard to make any sense of my life or our lives.  This is my
second evacuation for fire from Los Alamos.  My house is OK but smoke drenched
and my eyes hurt and I presume I may have an "attack" because of this, but just
trying to live hour to hour.  Seeing the insurance people today and tomorrow for
"smoke damage".  Before, when we were in the Cerro Grande fire, had to throw away
all fabric materials, including clothes and books, from smoke damage permeated by

The fire is not "out", but more than half contained, and has mostly moved on from
the immediate vicinity.  One can see the smoke plumes rising from the Jemez
Mountains as one approaches from Albuquerque and Santa Fe.  

My neighbors watered my flowers the last week, and they look great.  Thank God
for a few people who care.  I feel alone in the world since my husband died and I
have to do all of this alone at nearly 80 years of age.  I will be 80 on July 23,
It's long enough but I'm still functioning with great care not to fall down stairs
as I did last year.

The counselor asked me what things are positive in my life.  I said only three,
my husband whom I had for 40 years until he died; Christ saving me; my hope
of heaven and seeing God and my husband again.  The rest, chaos and confusion
and inability to understand.  She said I was a brilliant woman filled with the Holy
Spirit--it was good to hear that something is right with me, because at my age and
with my rare diseases I can't function "efficiently" at all times.  

Oh yes, prayer at NSCC for my illnesses produced a l/4 reduction in my platelet
count on my blood test taken there--this is as good as achieved by chemotherapy
earlier this year.  I pray for this to continue so I may continue to function.