Ron Reese (25 June 2011)
"Branson Prophecy Conference"

Hi Doves,
Several weeks ago, someone posted about attending the Future Congress Bible Prophecy Conference in Branson, Missouri, on July 22nd, 23th, and 24th, this coming weekend.  I believe it was Mercer.  Any of you who are attending, I would love to meet you while you are there.  I should be easy to spot.  I should be the only 5' 6'' 62-year-old man with a florescent orange oval sticker on my shirt, that reads, "Jesus is Coming Soon--Are You Ready?"  I will be staying in Springfield, MO, visiting my daughter, and her lovely family, for ten days, while also attending this Bible Prophecy Conference.
Featured speakers include Gary Stearman, of Prophecy in the News, Chuck Missler, Randall Price, Tom Horn, author of "Apollyn Rising--2012", and Noah Hutchings of Southwest Radio Church.  Can this possibly be the same Noah Hutchings whom I heard speak on his 80th birthday in Oklahoma City at his Bible Prophecy Conference in the early 1990's?  This would make him almost 100 years old today.  Is this the same man, or does he have a son, with the same name?  Does anybody know?
I would like to get at least one more post written before I leave on Thursday morning on "The TWO Revealings of the Antichrist--Part C", but I am not sure if I will have time.  After that post, I am working on another post, which will be one of the most difficult posts that I have every written.  One of the biggest reservations most watchers have about us being almost 3 years in to the Final 7 Years, is that there is NO TEMPLE in Jerusalem, and no construction yet under way.
I have been gathering information, and studying the proper Greek translations, and I believe there are several alternatives to a New Temple in Jerusalem for the Antichrist.  It may take progressive revelation to show us which alternative proves to be the correct one.  I am rapidly coming to the conclusion, that when Jesus Returns at the end of the Final 7 Years in 2015, he will set up the construction of His New Temple, the one in Ezekiel, the last few chapters.  Until then, I have serious doubts that there will be any New Temple in Jerusalem.  Details to follow in a couple of weeks.
I hope to meet some of you next weekend in Branson, Missouri.
Ron Reese