Robert Belanger (9 July 2011)
"Re: The Lord's Feast Dates - The next Feast to be fulfilled"

The consideration of Pentecost as the next feast to be fulfilled presented in the above link is unconvincing and needs to be expanded to be taken seriously. The reasons behind the conclusion that the Feast of Trumpets is the next feast to be fulfilled are many and include the "day that no one knows...", the blowing of trumpets, etc., etc. Must be addressed and shown to be inappropriate in favor of the Pentecost proposal.

To simply state the hypothesis of Pentecost as being the next feast without explaining in detail why each of the reasons that have been put forth to justify the belief that Trumpets is next, is not to be taken seriously by any Bible student. The agricultural shadow is interesting, but is hardly sufficient alone to stand above all of the many reasons known for Trumpets.

I suggest that the proponents of the Pentecost hypothesis review the reasons we all know for Trumpets and discuss why Pentecost is the better interpretations. The existing reasons for Trumpets, each and every one of them given recently in my messages, must be addressed. To ignore them is to present a theory or hypothesis that has insubstantial foundations to compete with the Trumpets belief.