Robert Belanger (6 July 2011)
"The Lord's Feast Days Are Important to Us"

The above link makes the point that there are important reasons for us as Christians to understand and honor the Feasts of the Lord. I do not believe we are to observe the Passover with a Seder meal, etc., but we certainly should be observant at Yom Teruah for the arrival of the Bridegroom. Jesus instructed His followers to watch and to be ready.

Reading the entire article in the above link should leave no doubt that Jesus meant to communicate that His return for the Bride would be on Rosh Hashanna, the only day that no one knew when it would occur. He knew, however, that the statement would not be understood by non-believers since the Holy Spirit must open one's spiritual eyes to understand spiritual truths as presented in the Bible. That was one reason for speaking in parables so that the Pharasees and Saducees would not understand.

The important point is made by the author that the Bible can be viewed as a book about a marriage contract, the marriage of Jesus and His Bride  The Feasts outline His plan to obtain a suitable Bride, starting with payment for the sin debt of the Bride, resurrection to demonstrate His victory over death, His return to heaven to prepare a place for the Bride, and return at Rosh Hashanna to take away His Bride with Him. They are appointments that were rehearsed for many years each year so that they would not be forgotten.

Let us all do our utmost to live righteously in these last days before He returns for His Bride, and indeed that we may be considered worthy to be a part of His Bride. If we are not ready to be a part of the Bride, then let us pray earnestly that we will be ready to somehow escape the wrath of God in the Great Tribulation that will come after the catching away of the Bride. To do so, we must pray that our faith will increase and that it will bear some observable fruit in these remaining days, for faith without works is dead.