Robert Belanger (30 July 2011)
"Weekend Reading: Losing Salvation and Unpardonable Sin"
Dear Doves,
The above four articles are weekend reading for anyone interested in knowing what the Bible has to say about losing one's salvation and what to do if we commit what is known as the unpardonable sin. They resulted from my search of the Internet and I thought others might find them helpful in understanding the Bible a little better on the topics they cover.
The top two articles are for anyone interested in knowing more about whether or not a person can lose their salvation after believing in Jesus as Saviour. The basic answer is no you cannot lose it, provided you had it in the first place.These two articles are probably more of interest to readers here than the last two.
The bottom two articles explain what the unpardonable sin is and how we commit it by our beliefs about Jesus and how we can be reprieved if we do commit that sin. The sin is committed by refusing to believe that Jesus is the Son of God and believing instead that He is an agent of evil sent by the Devil. This article is useful in showing that even theological leaders can indeed be led seriously astray by the powers of evil in this world.
There will be no test on these articles on this site. Any insights would be welcomed.
Take care,