Robert Belanger (27 July 2011)
"Re: Hischild re outer darkness"
Dear Hischild,
I am truly sorry to hear you are confused by the concept of the outer darkness. As you state by your comments, it is not a place for the faithful believer in Jesus' salvation and is nothing a faithful believer need be worried about. The above links may shed some helpful light on the topic.
Remember that the outer darkness is not hell, but instead is a place of regret and remorse, lasting for a short or longer time, because of a judgment being rendered against the believer. Believers who are judged unfaithful will be excluded from the wedding, but will still reside in heaven with other believers, just not as a part of the wedding itself as the Bride. It all comes down to Christ's judgment at the Judgment Seat of Christ of the believer's faithfulness as shown by his/her works after being saved.
The outer darkness is meant for Christians, who are unfaithful spiritually to their belief in God. You may want to read more about this topic in the above links. They provides arguments both for and against the so-called kingdom exclusion doctrine, that is,  a belief that believers can be excluded from the kingdom of God by unfaithfulness, i.e., through lack of works. Their behavior is self-centered and inconsistent with Christ's commandments to love God and our fellow man,i.e., to take up our cross and bear with the suffering associated with being known as a believer in Jesus and the salvation He offers. Believers who do not praise God and His Son, do not want to help their fellow man, and are not interested in watching and waiting for Christ's return will probably be judged unfaithful.
Your message indicates you have a strong faith in your salvation alone, and I assume your modesty led you to omit any mention of works performed for the Lord, through belief in Christ's finished work at Calvary. If your faith is true and strong, you will have been filled with the Holy Sprit to perform kind works for people, such as charitable gifts to feed the hungry and provide shelter for the homeless, and to spread the gospel to those who are unsaved. If you have done things such as these you will probably be judged faithful and will therefore have nothing to worry about concerning the outer darkness.
I pray that you have not been unnecessarily alarmed by my messages and I hope these words help you understand a little better. I am certainly not an expert and am trying to point you in the direction for obtaining a better understanding through links to articles, such as those above, that were helpful to me and others.
Please let us all know where your further study on this topic leads you. I pray that the Holy Spirit will shed more light on this topic for you, me and everyone else on this site and elsewhere..
Neither you nor I can judge whether your life has demonstrated a level of faithfulness after salvation to merit inclusion in the kingdom of God.