Robert Belanger (25 July 2011)
"Political Change is Coming"

The recent messages urging the election of Gov. Perry to President will not solve our country's problems. The reason is that this world is presently under the rule of Satan and his fallen angels. That is made clear in the references that I have recently posted concerning the purpose of our salvation, the spiritual warfare we are engaged in, and the purpose of soul salvation and the Judgment Seat of Christ after the rapture.

True change in government can only be achieved by replacing the evil angelic administration in the heavens with the replacement saved men and women that God has been preparing for the last 2000 years. We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and evil in high places. What happens here on earth is determined by what happens above where the powerful but fallen angels operate to foster their own selfish agendas. Our freedoms and rights are of no concern to them. They are our enemies and do not want us to replace them!

To think that the replacement of our President will bring on true reformation based on the teachings of Christ, is foolish and dangerous. It is foolish because it is based on a belief in the power of the visible, seen world. Clearly, Jesus said His Kingdom is not of this world and if we are involved with the world as it is now ruled, we will become the victims, regardless of our altruistic motives.

It is also dangerous because we are becoming less focused thereby on the real underlying issues from which all evil in this world emanate, i.e., the evil spiritual powers that I mentioned above. These evil powers are very real and powerful. They have been given reign over this world until they are replaced by saved men. This is clear from Scripture and to forget it for a moment can be fatal to persons and to countries.

The power of evil spirits was clearly demonstrated in this country in 1692 when a highly devout and religious community governed and controlled by sincere Puritans in Salem, Massachusetts, killed twenty innocent people for their alleged practice of witchcraft. Later, of course, they realized they were deceived by powers beyond the physical and apologized. Even getting a second opinion from the divinity experts of the day in the person of Cotton Mather from Harvard did not prevent the tragedy from occurring. Our physical powers alone cannot overcome the evil of this world.

We need to stop expecting human powers to bring about reformation of human government while Satan and his fallen angels are still in power in the heavenly realms. Instead, we should remember that even though we may see some changes for the better, they will be subject to powerful forces for change in the evil direction. Surely, Washington and the other Founding Fathers, and Lincoln too, would be shocked at the state of the country, the culture and the behavior of persons given responsibility for public affairs.

We should of course pray for our country and leaders. However, we should remember they are human and subject to the oppression of evil spirits who are currently in charge of this world, the same powers embodied in the Roman army of the day that killed Christ at Calvary. Even the worldly Pharisees and Saducees joined in the movement to crucify Jesus, as a way to eliminate their problem. Let us not follow such examples and place our hopes in our thoughts and actions that are Often manipulated by evil powers.

Some may object that such thoughts may make us paranoid and fearful. Well that may not be such a bad thing, if it awakens us to the truth of our present situation. This world ISA not paradise and will not be close until the current evil spiritual rulers are removed and replaced with saved, crowned Christian spirits from the Bride of Christ. That is what it is all about.