Robert Belanger (23 July 2011)
"To Barb re:Book on the Judgment Seat"

Dear Barb,

Thanks for your kind words of appreciation for the link I sent out on theJudgment Seat of Christ. I think the author is the founder of the web site, Arlen Chitwood, but I am not certain of that.

I have read Lyn Mize's book The Open Door and found it very helpful when I read it and recommended it some years ago on this site. Now, after reading other materials and having my spiritual eyes opened further, I find that I disagree with some of his statements-- if he is reading this, I hope we can agree to disagree.

I do not believe that the rapture will occur in two stages as he says in his book. The Scriptures are clear that all of those in the Church will be raptured at the same time to face the Judgment Seat of Christ. In fact, that is one of the points, supported by Scriptures, in the message given in the above link. The separation of believers will identify those who are ready to receive crowns, based on their works, will unfortunately result in some being sent into outer darkness with wailing and gnashing of teeth--still in heaven, just not in positions of rulership in the Kingdom.

Mize believes in the need for works to earn the salvation of the soul. He also believes that our spiritual salvation, by grace and not works, is eternally secure. These are points I totally agree with. They are also points in the writings of Arlen Chitwood, such as those in the above link.

Mize makes the assertion and gives many facts to support his belief that John F. Kennedy is still alive, and will be the Antichrist. I do not agree with this belief and do not think JFK is neither alive nor the upcoming Antichrist. In my opinion, Mize should have presented this, if at all, as his own personal opinion, rather than with such an air of certainty.

His major teaching is that the Scriptures support the salvation of the soul being the resultant of our spiritual salvation in Christ. If we do not produce good works after being saved, we may want to examine our rebirth experience again.

Jesus said we can know the state of a tree by the type of fruit it produces, if any. Our works after salvation are part of the process of sanctification that we must become involved with, as clean wedding garments, if we want to be a part of the Bride.

The present world system of government is under the immediate control of Satan and his fallen angels. We are being prepared, tested and trained to replace these rebellious angels in positions of power after receiving our crowns at the Judgment Seat. God wants to know that we can be trusted to be loyal to Him and not become part of a future  mutiny, such a happened when Lucifer rebelled to gain greater control in God's universe.

I pray that everyone reading this message will read the article in the above link and ask God to help them to be ready for the positions in His government that will need to be filled by dedicated, sincere and loyal believers.

May our dear, loving and compassionate God and His Son and Holy Spirit guide and lead you every day remaining here on earth before the rapture. May He also reach out to others through your dedicated and loyal service to His cause and wishes. I pray you will thank Him for your blessings and peace and continue to let Him guide you into works that you can do for Him as you, along with all of us, wait and watch for His coming.

With love,