Robert Belanger (23 July 2011)
"Re: Jim B. Insights into Texas Governor Perry"


The Governor is a politician. In this day and age that is a negative assessment. I enjoy many of your messages and do not want to rain on your parade, but I have to tell you how I feel honestly about the Governor's announcement.

The main focus of the Governor's comments were on the crucial need to have ownership of property rights protected. In my opinion, for Christians whose thoughts should be on things above, those rights are secondary to rights we as Christians have in God's coming Kingdom. Those are much more important and believers need to focus on those rights first. Interestingly, the preceding message from Paul N.F. echoes my point that we should be more concerned with spiritual things, rather than things of this world.

The Governor does not give God a single word of thanks, or ask for His blessing. Media events, such as his proposed prayer meeting, cannot take the place of words, and deeds, flowing from the daily process of involving God in our everyday lives, always making His Word a vital and spoken part of our testimony without concern for the impact on ratings, or votes.

While it is not wrong to be concerned about our country and it's God-given values embodied in our Constitution, we should all try, especially our leaders, to emulate the behavior of the Founders who were openly thankful to God and prayed each day for His continued blessings. I sense a disingenuousness in his actions and words.r

I do not see any evidence of the Governor's alleged desire to be a minister in the church of Jesus Christ, which he says he felt earlier in life, beyond the need to have a grand media event proclaiming his spirituality for all the world to see and honor. I think he will receive his only reward in the applause and votes.

Sadly, he is in a position to demonstrate the power of faith in Jesus in his everyday statements, without the need for grand events, typical of political campaigning and fund raising. The tragic economic state of our country is, in my opinion, the result of words and actions of such wishy-washy so-called Christians, as well as unbelievers.