Robert Belanger (2 July 2011)
"The Resurrection and the Return of Jesus"

The above link contains a wonderful true story that we all need to be reminded of from time to time. I pray that you will take the time to read it and carefully consider the incredible importance of the message it contains, i.e., that without the resurrection of Jesus then there is no basis at all for believing that He will return, or indeed that we will come back from the grave, or avoid it altogether if we are numbered among those who are alive and remain when He returns.

This message has to potential to lift your understanding and faith in Jesus to new levels. If you know an unbeliever who believes Jesus was just another founder of a religion, like Buddha or Mohhamad, this message will provide the knowledge you will need to counter that argument. No, he claimed to be perfect and familiar with heaven as one would be of there own home, and He claimed to fulfill all of the law and to have seen the fall of Lucifer.

No, Jesus is not just another good and moral founder of a religion. He is either q lir, or a madman, or indeed spoke the truth and is the Son of the living God who came to be a substitutionaru sacrifice for the sins of the world, including those you commit as well as mine.
Proving that He actually existed, was crucified and was buried are easier to prove than the claim that His followers made that He rose from the dead.

If His body were found in the grave, we would know that with certainty. The Jewish
Leaders who sentenced Him to death probably expected to find His body, and would have shouted that fact far and wide. It would have proven them right, that He was just a madman, a blasphemer, and one doing Satan's work on earth.

No, His body was not in the tomb. Many testified to seeing Him after the resurrection and they were honest people with nothing to gain by lying. As a matter of fact, many were killed by the people in power because they would not stop telling people that Jesus was who He claimed to be and proved it by rising back to life after death and burial.

We in turn can be assured that when He said he would go to prepare a place for us and that He would return for us someday, that He was telling the truth and is capable of doing precisely what He said. Be encouraged and know beyond any doubt that He will return, and may in fact be planning to so very soon!