Robert Belanger (18 July 2011)
"Why Are You Saved?"



Mr. Chitwood presents the case for the purpose of our salvation and subsequent sanctification being to qualify us to rule and reign with Christ. His writings provide much useful material for thought and reflection during these days, which may be our very last days here on earth before He returns for His Bride.




My message here is to briefly summarize the details behind Mr. Chitwood's assertion and provide sources for more information. The text of Mr. Chitwood's books is available, (free of charge) at the following sites:

I wish to thank Eliane B. on FiveDoves for her helpful message calling this author and his works to my attention, ( ). She does not give an endorsement for everything Mr. Chitwood presents, nor do I at this point for I found strong objections to his teachings at several sites: 

    · where it is claimed he teaches exact antitypes between the OT and NT; 

    · where his teachings are called heretical and possibly Gnostic.     




The following is a very brief summary of what Mr. Chitwood teaches. I strongly suggest everyone read his books and gain whatever the Holy Spirit tells you inwardly is true. If there are things presented in these books that you disagree with, then skip over them and look for the abundant Biblical truth, which I think can be found in these books.


Basically, and without providing all of the Scriptural references he gives in his books, he teaches that we are saved spiritually by our faith in Jesus death and resurrection in order to reign and rule with Him for eternity. Mr. Chitwood provides many of the details behind this assertion and provides information that can be helpful to those who want to be a part of Christ’s Millennial and eternal reign and, if in agreement, want to prepare for that role.


The sanctification of the soul after spiritual salvation is an important concept in this scenario. Like Lyn Mize, and others, he sees the absolute requirement that saved people demonstrate their love and loyalty to Christ by their actions after salvation. They need to resist sin as much as they can and ask for forgiveness when they cannot overcome temptation in any particular situation. They should do whatever they can to help others to believe in Jesus' substitutionary death and resurrection for our salvation from sin by way of testimony, example or witnessing, if that is their calling. 


The rewards for such devotion and dedication will be provided at the Judgment Seat of Christ and will be symbolized by the crowns that are described in Scripture for overcomers. Individual believers who have been awarded crowns, called His Bride, will join Christ in ruling and reigning in the Kingdom. Those who currently rule and reign in the earth, who follow satan and his fallen angels, will be deprived of their rulership crowns by force. Those who did not follow satan will voluntarily cast their crowns at Jesus feet for Him to assign them to His Bride. These crowns will be awarded to the Bride of Christ and they will assume the rulership responsibilities.


The idea that heaven is a place of idle enjoyment playing a harp, or a place to escape the ordeal of hell, is dispelled by Mr. Chitwood. In his view, we were provided salvation and the opportunity for sanctification and ultimately glorification to enable us to become (in modern idiom) members of the leadership team, executive committee and board of directors under Jesus, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. This would not be a time of retirement and only enjoyment, but instead a time for performing a role in God's creation for which we, like Adam and Eve, were created.


If this is true, and I am now thinking it probably is, then our future demands that we act now in obedience to Jesus' commandments, i.e., with love, dedication and loyalty, signs that demonstrate we are appreciative of the opportunity that salvation and sanctification will make possible for us in the future. (Nothing, however, is certain for anyone, and even St. Paul prays to be raptured to escape all the things that will happen in the Tribulation).




From Run To Win:(


“The race in which Christians presently find themselves is, in the light of Hebrews 11:1ff and other related Scriptures, a race of the faith (cf. 2 Timothy 4:7). The “saving of the soul” is in view (Hebrews 10:39), which is what Peter in his first epistle referred to as “the end [goal]” of the Christian’s faith as he runs the race — “Receiving the end [goal] of your faith, even the salvation of your souls” (1 Peter 1:9). And the saving or losing of one’s soul has to do with occupying or being denied a position with Christ in His kingdom (cf. Matthew16:24-17:5; 25:14-30; Luke 19:12-27).


“Thus, the race in which Christians are presently engaged is being run with a kingdom in view; and it is being run, more specifically, with a view to proffered positions on the throne with Gods Son in that kingdom.


“This is what is at stake. And there can be no higher prize than that of one day being elevated from a servant in the Lord’s house on this earth to a co-regent with Christ on His throne in the heavens.


“How many Christians though know these things? How many, for that matter, are even interested? Christians talk about being saved and going to heaven, though most don’t have the slightest idea concerning what is involved in saved man’s association with the heavens.”