Robert Belanger (18 July 2011)
"Re: The Purpose of Salvation"

Dear Doves,

Following up on Josua's message on the need for soul salvation and his reference to the first fruits site of Lyn Mize, the above two links contain additional information concerning this important concept.

The SOS link in particular describes a type of the rapture in the OT and states the pre-tribulation rapture will include all Christians, not just the Bride. The separation occurs later at the Judgment Seat when the works for the Lord after spiritual salvation are reviewed and crowns are awarded.

There are other differences in the beliefs expressed in the above two sites, which are from Arlen Chitwood, too. But overall, the emphasis is focused on the true purpose for the new creation, saved man, being to rule and reign in the Kingdom of our Lord, both in the Millennium and after in eternity.

Mr Chitwood believes in a strict observance of the types in the OT to aid in understanding the teachings in the NT. I find the belief that we are saved for the purpose of ruling and reigning, as substitutes for the current satanic rulership, to be acceptable and supported by Scripture.

The audio messages are long but worth listening to, if you have the time.

Your brother in Christ,