Robert Belanger (16 July 2011)
"Thanks to All"

Dear Doves,

I also want to join in with others who have recently expressed their appreciation for this web site. We are all indebted to John Tng for his vigilance, dedication and ceaseless efforts in keeping this valuable site alive and relevant to the needs of believers in these last and perilous times. Thanks.

I also read the messages here first thing with breakfast and find these messages are helpful in getting off to a good start in the day. It is sometimes discouraging to be surrounded with unbelievers and scoffers. But such distractions make this site all the more valuable as a place to get grounded again in true Christian fellowship and friendliness.

This site is also a very helpful place to learn about Biblical teachings that are not readily available elsewhere, even from the so-called theological experts. A case in point is my learning from Eliane about Pentecost (thanks again Eliane). The truth is sometimes hidden from the high and mighty and revealed instead to those who truly serve the Lord.

Thank you each and every one for your interesting, educational and helpful messages.

With love,