Robert Belanger (13 July 2011)
"Re: Eliane on Raptures"

Dear Eliane,

First, please do accept my heartfelt apology for my earlier reply. I want to thank you so much for your message today on your view concerning the two, or three, raptures. I especially liked hearing that the first or Pentecost rapture could happen this year on July 31. I do pray that you have indeed identified the correct date.

I think that your reasoning concerning the raptures is very sound and based on Scriptural truth. If my earlier message stimulated you to write your most recent message, then it served a good purpose. I only objected to the position that I heard where Pentecost was proposed as a single rapture in place of Trumpets. You have now cleared up that mistaken understanding and I am happy to say that I can agree with your views concerning the raptures.

Eliane, I apologize again if I have caused you any discomfort by my poorly chosen words, based on a misapprehension of your rapture beliefs. Thanks again for taking the time and effort to clarify your well-considered views on the rapture, or raptures.

Your friend,