Rhonda (19 July 2011)
"One More Minute for Him to Come?"

To John RP:

I found your article quite interesting regarding the "One More Minute" theory.  A week ago today, I posted this article on Rapture in the Air:

I had just woken up and was fully awake.  My husband was talking to me and I was answering him, so I know I was awake because I remember what he said.  :)

However, I distinctly heard "Wait Just a Minute."  I said to him, "Did you say 'Wait just a minute?'"  He said he didn't say anything and he wasn't talking to the dog, either! :) 

It sounded just like my husband's voice, but perhaps it was Jesus getting a message to me.  I'm not sure, but it was definitely strange.

In light of your article, I believe now that it was God talking to me, as He knows how very much I am looking forward to the Rapture and seeing my Beloved Jesus.  Your article gave me hope. 

BTW, my initials before I was married were "RP."  Cool.