Rene (9 July 2011)
"re: to Randy - "Feeling Different""

Randy - you wrote:
The DIFFERENCE between 1993 and NOW is this.......
I was all caught up in THIS life in 1993.....and now.......I can't wait for the NEXT LIFE....and the RETURN of Jesus Christ.  It seems so very very near, that I have a hard time focusing on things in this life each day...even focusing on things I know I NEED to be doing to "survive" THIS life..especially IF I "DO" get all the way to retirement in 11 years...
Ah.....the old phrase:  "He's so heavenly minded, he's no earthly good!"  One needs to guard against that DO still need to be doing something for God.......and for your family.....and for others....  you can't just qui, sit in the hammock and wait for the matter HOW MUCH you might like to do that !!  lol.....!
But I know THIS:  God has ALWAYS seen me reason now to think He won' matter what happens!!
Anyway.....just sharing...
Great testimony!  I know exactly what you mean! I was pretty much caught up in the cares of this life (even though I was saved and born again) for several years, but within the last dozen years or so, my fixation has been heaven-bound and on things above! My excitement for the rapture has greatly intensified as has my longing to see the return of Jesus. I believe part of it lies in the fact that I KNOW Jesus will establish total righteousness, and this world has become such a pig stye of corruption and pure evil. You can feel it everywhere - in the government, in politics, in false religions and in the major systems and countries of this world! Perilous times truly are upon us. I know we are to live as if we will be here another 30 - 50 years, but it is difficult to concentrate on trying to PLAN for another 30 - 50 years when you feel within your spirit that Jesus' return is truly AT THE DOOR!