Rene (7 July 2011)
"The Last Big Soar For America - Atlantis"

I have felt for some time now that this LAST and final flight of Atlantis is somehow a picture of America's final flailing attempt to regain some of her past glory; a picture of her fading away as it were. We have flaunted our God-given freedoms in the eyes of a righteous God with millions of aborted babies every year, a porn industry that flourishes in spite of America being a "Christian" nation, "Hollywood" morals, filth, drugs and booze taking over the conscience of many states and many people - yet we somehow feel that God will always overlook these sins and just keep blessing us! God does promise a way out for those who truly belong to Him, but the Great Tribulation is upon us. The final days of the Age of Grace are being played out even now. Today is the day of salvation!