Rene (29 July 2011)
"The REAL AGENDA behind the "Debt Collapse""

With all this wrangling going on between the GOP and the Dems, we have to keep in the back of our minds, the REAL agenda of the far left radical liberals of WHICH OBAMA IS A PARTICIPANT!  They are totally intent on the destruction of our way of life as we know it. They WANT TO SEE our entire political system collapse, the destruction of the Constitution and the destruction of our monetary system! They are working to bring about the implementation of a socialist-communist state in America - so all this haggling behind closed doors means little when you realize what their ultimate game is! This is why many Dems are now pushing B.O. to use his powers to push the debt ceiling w/o going through Congress!  They do NOT care if we have a financial collapse! THAT IS THEIR GOAL!!!
B.O. has proven that he hates America. He kicks us around every time he goes overseas and bows to muslim murderers. Bringing about our demise is right down his alley! He is in BED with people like George Soros and Bernadine Dohrn and trying to shove the socialist drivel of Cloward & Pivens down our throats ----- right along with Obama-care. Left up to him, all borders will be done away with, we will be run completely over with illegal immigrants and thugs (we're already halfway there!) who will ALL be demanding to tap into social security benefits (that people like me who have worked for 40 years have paid into all our lives) that they have NEVER PAID a dime into! On the O'Reilly program last night you saw politician Gutierrez on there frothing at the mouth over trying to get this "dream act" pushed through congress so that all these illegals over here can be given instant citizenship with millions more on the way when they get their way and do away with all borders! IF B.O. is in another term - you will NOT recognize America by the end of his reign of ruination! (Heck - we are already half-way there now!)