Rene (26 July 2011)
"Robt Belanger - re: "Change is Coming""

While it is true that the god of this world has power and dominion, it is also true that as Christians we are to strive to put people in office who serve God and love His Word and His people. We are not to be passive while the world goes to hell in a hand basket and sit by and do nothing. Doing nothing is exactly what is required to let evil flourish! To suggest that oh well, the world is already wicked - change is coming - just let it go --- ride with the tide--- so sad...too bad... that is erroneous thinking. It is God's will that we seek His face ON OUR KNEES with prayer and fasting and He promises to heal our land! If we truly are in the end of the age and the tide of evil has turned and the rapture is at hand in the next few days or weeks, then all hell is getting ready to break loose regardless - but in the meantime - we are, as Christians, supposed to keep seeking God through prayer and fasting so that we and our children may live in PEACE and keep the gospel going out throughout the world. We are not passive doormats, we are light beacons!