Rene (18 July 2011)
"re: prophecies re the rapture & Dr. Owuor"

The little girl who saw the rapture right after a forced landing of the Atlantis can't be right IF the Atlantis comes back this THURSDAY as planned and IF Dr. Owuor does not hold another revival (the one in Norway) until the end of July. Dr. Owuor said the rapture occurred during one of his meetings. He has already moved that last meeting up to the end of July. If this little girl is right, then the return of Atlantis to earth should be right at the same time Dr. Owuor is holding one of his meetings. Right now, it does not appear that the two are going to occur at the same time. Perhaps something will happen that the shuttle will stay in flight a bit longer...We shall see in the next few days.....hang on...the ride may get bumpy!