Regina (16 July 2011)
"Re: marcus on July 14, urgent rapture watch; Av 1"

Hello John, Marcus and all doves
Marcus I was so encouraged reading your post and watched the video several times.  Av 1 still has significance although Av 9 was when the temples were destroyed.
Here are some events that have taken place on Av 1. You see it is still a "watch time".  Especially note that this was the day Ezra returned to Jerusalem for rebuilding the temple.   We will be complete with the Lord and Holy Spirit together, a whole temple, when we are with Him.
Remember Revelation 3:12 
From below, Yahrzeit is the anniversary of a death, so Av 1 is the day Aaron the brother of Moses died, and also the day Aaron's son died.
"b" is an abbreviation for "son of"

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[1 Av]

Peaks of the tallest mountains emerged above the receding waters of the Flood.

Egypt was afflicted with Frog(s).

Yahrzeit of Aharon HaKohen. (This is the ONLY yahrzeit mentioned in the Torah. It is not recorded in Parshat Chukat, which tells of Aharon's death, but rather in Mas'ei, when we bench Rosh Chodesh Av.)

Yahrzeit of Elazar b. Aharon HaKohen.

Ezra and his followers arrived in Yerushalayim, 457bce. (On the one hand, one can view this item as the positive "other side of the coin" of the tragedies that are associated with the "entrance of Av". On the other hand, it was the relatively small percentage of the people that returned with Ezra that was the seed of the destruction of the second Beit HaMikdash 500+ years later.)

Armed revolt at Treblinka, 1943. One of several similar outbreaks that were encouraged by the changing tide of the war against Germany.

The Exodus bearing illegal immigrants was seized by the British, 1947. The Exodus 1947 carried 4000 Jews. Its stirring defiance of the British navy and its ultimate forced return to Germany, was one of the most dramatic and heroic episodes of post-war Jewish history.
As Gary Stearman says, "keep looking up"