Ray Schulz (19 July 2011)
"What if Elenin is really a massive brown dwarf?"


To the Five Doves,


First off, if there are any physicists or astronomers out there, I would appreciate your comments and suggestions.

Leonid Elenin, discoverer of comet Elenin, recently attempted to debunk the idea that comet Elenin might be a massive brown dwarf instead of a mere comet.  To prove his point he ran a computer simulation to discover what would happen if the mass of comet Elenin was made much larger than he thinks it is.  He concluded that his simulation debunks the idea that Elenin could be a brown dwarf.

Here is a copy of his article (without the video):


"What if we replace comet C/2010 X1 (Elenin) by brown dwarf with mass about 0.05 of Solar mass?"


"This video demonstrate time interval from 2000 to 2020 years. As you can see, dramatic changes in the orbit of Saturn would have started 3 years ago. But at this time all planets are on it’s nominal orbits. I think myth about 'brown dwarf instead comet Elenin' is debunked. You can see that by yourself."


"Numerical integration was carried out by ORSA software using RADAU15-th order integrator."


Leonid Elenin, June 3, 2011




Here are my comments on his article:

An object "0.05 of Solar mass" is a very large body; it is almost 17,000 times more massive than the earth.


I think a better choice for Leonid Elenin would have been to use a brown dwarf about the size of Planet X in his simulation.  In 1992 NASA claimed Planet X was about 4 - 8 times earth mass which is orders of magnitude smaller than the value Leonid Elenin used in his simulation.  If he used Planet X for his brown dwarf, surely the amount of Saturn's deviation would be very much smaller and any noticeable deviation of Saturn's orbit would begin later (closer to 2011).  Therefore I am not convinced that Leonid Elenin has succeeded in debunking the idea that Elenin could be a brown dwarf instead of a comet. 


I would be very interested in seeing the results of a new simulation that would use a brown dwarf mass that represents Planet X.



Ray Schulz

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