Randy (7 July 2011)
"3 Great (FREE) John McArthur sermons on "Can you Lose Your Salvation?""

OSAS? Can you LOSE your Salvation?  Are you really saved to begin with? 
3 GREAT (free) sermons from John McArthur.
Link to 3 Great Sermons from John McArthur:
(Download the first 3 on “The Perseverance of the Saints”  90-270, 90-271 and 90-272 )
(All John McArthur Sermons are FREE for downloading!) 
The BEST Sermons I have ever found on Receiving and KEEPING my salvation!!!!!
If you have ANY doubt….this will help you validate whether you ARE or are NOT!
(My Words…..)
IF your Salvation was real and from the heart…..and you are now “different” than you were (my paraphrase…) then you WERE SEALED at that moment.  (Different……I didn’t say “perfect!”…… for you will still sin!)  (But, you can’t just stay living in your current state…..AND you MUST feel different about sin when you DO sin.) 
I remember a sermon from Chuck Swindol a long time ago…..and he said “I still sin, even after I first became a Believer….(even still….) but I definitely hated it any time I committed a sin after I was Saved.”  Again….my paraphrase.   I might say it this way: “If you can continue to EASILY sin after Coming to Christ…..and believing you are now “saved,”  Or if you can continue to sin with impunity and absolutely NOTHING has changed in your life….then, you are probably NOT really “saved.” 
As for me…….I am a “better” person……a “better” Christian because of my salvation……than I would be if I had NOT “come to Christ” …..or been born again…or been saved…..whatever you’re going to call it.  But….. I will never be perfect…… though I do hate the sins I do commit along the way…..more than I did before I received my salvation.
3 more points:
1) I’ve always said “why is sin SO hated by God?  I think it is because sin tends to make US hide from God…..just like Adam in the garden.”  So I refuse to HIDE from God due my sins…..whatever they are…..however often they are…… because I do NOT want to turn away from Him……EVER! 
2) I believe I could NEVER “deny Jesus Christ” under ANY circumstance…EVER! 
3) When I have faced trials in my life (age 56) I run TO Christ for my help.  I do not run away, or blame Him.  The Bible says (somewhere) “Where would I go that You are not there?”  Thus……how could I ever choose to run away from Him then?????  And how could I “blame” God/Jesus for my problems along the way? 
I remember a post on Five Doves from Paul NF years ago (he has great posts you should read!)  and it said “The humble man says ‘the mistakes are mine.’”   How true….oh how true…..thus how could I ever blame God for MY poor choices along the way??  And yet, I will give God the GLORY for the Blessings every day…….for my dreams that have come true….and for all the GOOD things that are brought into my life….for they certainly do COME  FROM THE LORD!  
But IF……you can fall away “easily” afterward….then you are like the parable from Jesus about “sowing the seeds…..and you are thus the seed that fell on stony ground.”
Mathew 13:  5 Some fell on stony places, where they did not have much earth; they immediately sprang up because they had no depth of earth. 6 But when the sun was up they were scorched, and because they had no root they withered away.
And thus….YOU WERE NEVER SAVED IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!  It was a FALSE confession of faith…..for the Lord KNOWS EVERY HEART!  You can’t “fake it” with God! 
Thus you CAN know you ARE saved…….even if you still sin…… 
Listen to all 3 Sermons…..   1 hour each!  And share them with others!!
PS…..I have a friend who (years ago) would have stated he was a Christian……a believer in Jesus Christ….raised in a Christian home.  And yet, in the recent years, as the trials of life have overwhelmed him…..he cries out that “there must not be a God….otherwise, how could all of these bad trials have come into my life…” 
How very sad…..  this is truly an example of someone who is NOT saved…even though they once may have thought they were.  And yet……this “could” be an example of the Prodigal Son?  In his case, only time will tell…… (Because….can you be saved and turn from God….and come back?  Certainly….like the prodigal son.  Even like Peter who denied Christ during his last days…..but came back to such a great disciple after His death!) 
I think the DEFINING Clarification of Saved or Not Saved is this:  Can you shout to the world that Jesus Christ, God’s Son, my Lord and Savior…..died on the cross in MY PLACE for MY SINS……  for Jesus Himself said:  (Mathew 10:33) But whoever disowns me before men, I will disown him before my Father in heaven. 
And, though you will not be SIN-FREE even as a Saved Believer……you are NOT the same person you were before you accepted Christ.  John Mc says “for we are working on our salvation EVERY day…..even though it was promised to us at the moment we came to Christ.”  Again…..my paraphrase…  Thus the title of these 3 sermons “The Perseverance of the Saints!!!” 
By the way…..John says “that trials help prove to US (not to God….for he already knows) whether we are saved or not…..for in our trials we will know….”  Just like the example of my friend above……
So many many many GREAT Quotes from the Bible in John McArthur’s 3 sermons!!!!