Randy (19 July 2011)
"Jaycee Dugard Case.....an analogy for Salvation.....in her own words."

Watching the Jaycee Dugard show on ABC over the weekend, 2 things hit me.
1) In her own words she said "the campus police did for me what I could not do for myself.....they SAVED me."  
Though she didn't refer to it as her Salvation (not sure whether she is a Christian..) it hit me that way.
What did Jesus do for me?  for you?  He did what we could not....cannot....do for ourselves.   Jesus saved me/us from our sins......
2) The second thing that hit me was about her captures.......the guy AND his wife.
WOW......PURE EVIL DOES exist on this earth.  What sad creatures these 2 are!!