R1000 (15 July 2011)
"Michele Kennedy  :  (  ...Jesus'  birthday ) ?"

Hi Michele.  The person you mentioned to have made a research on the subject concering the birth of Jesus has miscalculated the
YEAR.( I  think ).
No offense but... Jesus could not have been born on the 29 sept.  2  BC.
Why ?   the answer is  that history found that 
 Herod died on the 13 march 4 BC.
Then  Jesus was born two years after the death of Herod ?   Oh  .. no  !   this is incorrect.
Bible says  Herold sent soldiers to Bethleem to kill all infants up to   TWO years. That means that Herod knew how to calculate the visit he had from
the Wisemen ( MATT  2  ).
So... If Herold wanting to make sure to kill Jesus ordered the killing of children up to   two years of age  and knowing 
 He died on  March 13 , 4 BC ; then  Jesus must have been born somewhere around  6 BC  or during a Fall feast on  7 BC.
Just a remark. Thank you.
R- 1000