Phil (6 July 2011)
"43 + 43"

John and Doves,
On Monday evening I played a game of children's Monopoly - I lost big time to my two sans, Joshua and Michael.
When I ran out of money they both had $43 each. I thought, "That's a bit odd!" I had to count the notes several times
and wrote the figure down.
Any ideas you experts out there?
BTW I just did a search on 5D and notice that on 27th June Michelle Kennedy wrote this -
"43 Represents the number of the Holy Spirit, Light, Truth and Exceeding Joy"
"86 Double portion of Holy Spirit!!!!  43 (43 X 2= 86)"
Also worth noting is that Michelle's letter was written exactly 7 days before we played our game of Monopoly. Thanks Michelle.
Keep looking up,