Phil (4 July 2011)
"Elenin 7/7 Alignment"

John and Doves,
Terral 03 on YouTube is warning of great upheaval as Elenin approaches.
I posted this in the comments section -
Regarding the 7/7 alignment, this is exactly 6 years since the 7/7/05 bombings in London.
The day gap is 2191. 2+1+9+1 = 13. 2191 days is 313 weeks ie 13 forwards and backwards.
313 is the 66th prime number. The elites plan their events by their numbers. Biblically 13
represents sin and rebellion against God. The 66th prime plus the 6 yrs gives them a 666 figure,
probably the most well-known Biblical number representing the antichrist. The very best place of
safety is in Jesus Christ.
Where he says at about 10 mins that the USA is going to be destroyed by fire and water this is
very similar to withcraft terminology and therefore fits the picture that all this is demonic.
Keep looking up,