Phil (30 July 2011)
"It Won't Be Long and DOV 383"

John and Doves,
Yesterday, as I went about my work I entered a building where a workman had left his jacket and a toolbox in the entrance.
Next to these items was vehicle registration plate. Had it fallen off a vehicle? When I came out of this building I looked at the
few cars in the car park and none matched this plate so it is a bit of a mystery.
The number of this plate? Well I don't usually give the whole number but I have to in this case as it was 1 DOV 383.
When I got home I found that 383 is the 77th prime number. It even rhymes - 1 Dee Ooo Vee three eight three.
Interesting I thought.
Then today as I went about my work I had on my mind the Beatles song, "It Won't Be Long". Well I grew up in the Sixties
but had long forgotten this song (I thought!). IT WON"T BE LONG! YEAH!
Scripture Code for English Ordinal Gematria of "It won't be long Beatles" = 234.
The song was recorded tomorrow, July 30th in 1963, almost exactly 48 years ago.
234+48 = 282.
282 + 101 = 383. Just playin' with the numbers. Symmetrical numbers.
Let us hope and pray that IT WON"T BE LONG.
Praise God!
Keep looking up,