Phil (25 July 2011)
"Norway Massacre"

John and Doves,
The massacre in Norway took place on Friday, July 22nd, 2011.
22+7+2+1+1 = 33.
22 itself is 2 x 11.
22 + 7 = 9.
The day # is 203 or 7 x 29. Here the 2+9 = 11.
Something made me look at this date a few days ago and I then noticed it added to 33.
The number of dead so far is 91 or 7 x 13.
I have posted several references to the number 29 in recent times.
On 13/7 I wrote -
"I also find it interestng that the closest Elenin comes to the Earth is 0.232AU on Oct 17th.
232 - nice and symmetrical
232 is 8 x 29. Yes, 29 again - 2+9 = 11.
And add to that fact that it is also my wife's birthday on Oct 17th.
Oct 17th is day #290 ie 10 x 29.
Prince William's wedding had 3 29's linked to it."
- end quote.
From 22/7/2011 (33) to 17/10/2011 (13) is 87 days or 3 x 29. Or, if you like, 3 x 11 = 33!!
From 22/7/2011 to 4/8/2011 (Obama's 50th birthday) is exactly 13 days!!
Now this is all probably just coincidence.
Keep looking up,

John and Doves,
My prayers go out to all those who lost their loved ones in this dreadful massacre.
The cold-blooded killing of so many children and teenagers is despiccable. For some in the media
to call the perpetrator a Christian Fundamentalist is equally despiccable.
Norway on the Scripture Code for English Gematria (increments of 6) = 576.
576 = 24 x 24 or (8+8+8) x (8+8+8)
And 5+7+6 = 18 or 6+6+6.
We saw before that this terrible event took place on 22/7/2011 = 33.
And the day is the 22nd or 2 x 11.
And 22/7/2011 is day #203 where 203 = 7 x 29.
And for some of the media to label the culprit as a Christian Fundamentalist is as despiccable as his crime.
He simply cannot be a Christian in any shape or form.
Utoya Island, where the massacre took place, is very close to the line that joins Mason's Beach on the South Island of NZ
(where 107 [29th prime] pilot whales beached the day before the big quake in Christchurch on 22/2/2011)
to RAF Valley on Holyhead in Wales where Prince William is based.
The distance form Utoya Island to RAF Valley is 730 miles.
Notice that the damaging quake in Christchurch was also on the 22nd exactly 5 months or 150 days before the
massacre on Utoya Island.
150 days is 3,600 hrs or 216,000 minutes.
Well that is just interesting. Leave out the zeros and we get 36 (add all the numbers from 1 to 36 = 666)
And 216 = 6x6x6 and it is the day # for Obama's birthday, Aug 4th.
Remember too that Obama's 50th birthday falls at the very centre of the 2012 Olympic Games in London.
Keep looking up.
God is still in control.