Phil (2 July 2011)
"Strauss-Khan Accuser Said to be Unreliable"

John and Doves,
So we hear on the radio news today that the prosecutors in the Strauss-Khan case are saying that the evidence
from the maid who said she had been raped by him is now looking to be fabricated.
How odd, as this is exactly 6 weeks and 6 days since the alleged rape on May 14th.
ie forming a '66' or, if you like, 33 + 33. Day gap is 48 days
48 days can also be seen as (8+8+8) + (8+8+8)
July 1 is also day #182 and 1+8+2 = 11.
182 = 14 x 13.
Also, the difference between the 48 days and this '66' is 18, or 6+6+6.
Interesting to say the least.
Only Jesus Saves!