Phil (13 July 2011)
"Re Dan's "Check out JPL Small-Body Database Browser""

John and Doves,
Good find Dan.
I also find it interestng that the closest Elenin comes to the Earth is 0.232AU on Oct 17th.
232 - nice and symmetrical
232 is 8 x 29. Yes, 29 again - 2+9 = 11.
And add to that fact that it is also my wife's birthday on Oct 17th.
Oct 17th is day #290 ie 10 x 29.
Prince William's wedding had 3 29's linked to it.
From Will's wedding on 29th April to Oct 17th is 171 days, another symmetrical number and 17 forwards and backwards with 7, God's seal, at the centre.
171 is 3 x 57 or 19+19+19 + 19+19+19 + 19+19+19. Interesting.
Interesting too because Dan pointed out that "the jpl orbit diagram of elenin reveals a distance of .234 au as it crosses earths orbit October 19, 2011."
And Oct 19th is day #292. More symmetry.
292 = 3 x 73 where 73 stands for wisdom and with 9 in the centre standing for finality.
Remember too that Elenin Earth in the Scripture Code = 666.
Its probably all just coincidence though.
Keep looking up,