Phil (11 July 2011)
"Carbon Tax in Australia Announced Today by PM Gillard"

John and Doves,
Today, Sunday the 10th July, 2011, Julia Gillard announced the details of the Carbon Tax her government will impose on the people of Australia.
I just watched part of her announcement on TV. She was so nice and warm and simply oozing friendliness just like she was 6 days before the
General Election on 21/8/2010 when she ruled out ANY CARBON TAX being implemented by her government (if she won). She won but her cabinet
was only sworn in on 14/9/2010 after a long drawn out hoo ha over who the Independent politicians would side with. The day gap was 8+8+8 days.
From the date they were sworn in to today is 299 days or 13 x 23 days.
But the real bottom line is that the new Carbon Tax will be sooooo much better for us! Oh yes!
Keep looking up.