Paul Wilson (25 July 2011)
"Saved Images from NASA Program"

If there is to be three days of darkness this Sept prior to a late Sept rapture it looks like it will be midday Sept 25th – midday Sept 28th. At that time ELENIN is between us and the sun. Sept 29 is Tishri 1 but since they have Rosh Hashanah be a two feast it would be Tishri 1st and 2nd which would be Sept 29th and 30th. Earth will enter the debris field Oct 30th, day before halloween [biggest day to the satanic people], and exit Nov 5th.

ELENIN - sept 25.gif

ELENIN - sept 26.gif

ELENIN - sept 27.gif

ELENIN - sept 28.gif

ELENIN - nov 2.gif

ELENIN - nov 5.gif

ELENIN - oct 30.gif