Paul Wilson (18 July 2011)
"Re: Emperor's New Clothes"

Not surprised BO is a commie. He and his leftist pals have been bowing to the Russians for over 60 years. Mark my words when Russia attacks us we will NOT retaliate. If anything we will apologize to the Russians for forcing them to attack us and will pay for any damages or deaths that occurred on the mission. That is if anyone in the government actually survives.
Spoely (16 July 2011)
"Emperor's New Clothes"

It is interesting how the Libyan war has exposed NATO’s weakness.  Of course, Obama was involved in this exposure of this truth.  He laid his cards on the table and it was a dude.  So now it’s out there America and NATO is weak and needs Russia to help ‘settle’ wars.

This will further empower Russia even more to be the world leader in military strength.

First for those Americans that are proud of its military history, this article exposes an extremely embarrassing situation, where we bow to Russian

Second for the Watchers this illustrates a MAJOR shift in the military alliances, strengths in these final of days.


Keep looking up.