Paul Joseph (15 July 2011)
"wondering how could the days be shortened"

Dear Doves,
i was wondering how could the days be shortened ?
could the day be 16 hours instead of 24 !  that  would be a mess
another counter of time / days is the moon .
lots of posts are mentioning a possibility of a collapse  ; nibiru moons with our moon
or a comet hitting the moon .
in any case if the moon  changes position and rotate in a closer orbit to earth
this is a good reason for its complete rotation  ( from no moon to full moon then again to no moon )
to be shorter in time.
can you immagine if it would take 10 days for example for the moon to go from no moon to full moon
which will result that from a full moon to a full moon will be 20-22 days instead of 28-30
hebrew month will go faster thus making the hebrew year much shorter ....a possible way for days
to be shortened.
that was just a thought that went thru my mind i wanted to share with you.
in Christ
Paul Joseph