Patty Hayes (16 July 2011)
"Prayer Request"

Hi all,
I want to ask for your prayers as I learned this afternoon my father does have bone marrow cancer. He is 81 years old and his wife Stephanie and son Brad are truly struggling with this.  What I am grateful for is the gift from friends sent me back to CA to speak with my father for 2 days. I shared the gospel with him and his wife the first day and the second day we talked some more about the Lord, death and Eternal Life.
My Dad had said he has respected my many years of faith in Christ and took well the testimony of how I led my mother to faith in Christ 2 weeks before she died and many years ago and a couple of years ago my friend and I prayed with my brother-in-law to receive Christ as Savior and Lord.

My father was impressed to hear about their peace they felt after accepting Christ in their lives.  I had yet a couple of more days left on my vacation to spend with another friend.  That last day my father called me to ask me if I had heard God's voice audibly. I shared some testimonies of when God audibly spoke to me and he said he knew it.  He said he knew I truly walked with God.  He said the last day I visited with him God spoke to him audibly.
He wanted what I have.  I again shared the Gospel with him and though we didn't pray over the phone, I knew I had given him all I had as I had suspected this would be the report from the doctors.  He had been taking blood transfusions bi-weekly and now becoming more frequent.
After I had been home for a few days, both my brother and sister said that when they talked with our father all he wanted to talk about what Jesus and going home.  My brother asked me if I had prayed with him.  I said no, but,
sensed he may have prayed after I left as I shared how to pray or prayed with a tv minister.  I called him and learned that truly he does want to talk about Jesus and going home.
Since he now received confirmation it did take him for a loop and his wife and son do not know the Lord and so please pray they too come to faith in Christ  and my father feels the presence of the Lord in his life.
I am grateful for the healing of relationship between he and I and the good talks and sharing over these past several years.
Thank you for your prayers,
Patty Hayes